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Jeti receiver RMK2

There is a special MikroKopter-Edition for Jeti-Duplex

This receiver doesn't have to be modified for the use in the MikroKopter.

Also it allows the telemetry to the JetiBox

Connection to the FC V2.1

  • Bridge at (10) "JET"
  • orange data cable to "Rx"
  • Servo cable to PPM

See also: JetiDuplex



Transmitter and receiver must be paried. So they now which receiver has to listen to which transmitter.

  • put the binding plug into the RMK (EXT) (red plug with a bridge)
  • Switch on the MikroKopter (or power the RMK via 5V on the PPM-Input)

  • Switch on the transmitter

The Jeti-Transmitter should beep now to show the binding was finished


If a software update is nessecary, it can be updated: JetiUpdate

Fail safe

In case of transmission loss, the RMK-Receiver deactivates the output signal and the FC detects tis signal loss. This is default.

setting fixed channel outputs for Fail safe

It is possible to activate a fail safe in these receivers.

That means, that the RMK-Reciever generates own channel outputs in case of signal loss.

/!\ Depending on these settings, the FC doesn't recognise that there is a loss of transmission and stays in the air!

/!\ Select the channel settings carefully to avoid that the MK is out of control!

/!\ Select a low Value for the throttle-channel to make sure the MK goes down.

Activating the fail-safe:

SW-Version 1.22

Notice: If you use fail safe with this version, you have only 8 channels to use!

  • The transmitter and receiver has to be on. Use the JetiBox for the Menus

  • Go to the menu of the Receiver (RX) (go Right after switch on)
  • Down -> "measure or setting"

  • Right -> "Main Setting"

  • Down -> "PPM Output mode"

  • Left -> change in "Computed" (see Tip)

  • Down -> "Signal Fault". This means that the signal switches off in case of transmission loss. In that case the FC detects this signal loss correct.

  • Right to "Fail Safe" -> now the signals are computed in case of signal loss

  • go back (Up, up,...) to "measure or setting"
  • Right, right to "out Pin set"
  • Down -> select the channel (Y1...Y8 are the channels 1-8)

  • Down, Down, Down,Down, Down, Down -> "Fail Safe"

  • -> change the Value here ("0.80ms" are 0, 2.20ms are 250)

  • continue in menu "out Pin set" and change to the next channel

SW-Version 2.01

Notice: If you use fail safe with this version, you have up to 16 channels to use!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Go to the menu of the
Receiver (RX)
(go Right after switch on)

Down to "Measure Or Setting"

Right to "Main Setting"

Step 4

Step 5

Down to
"Output Channel Cnt"

chosse the numbers of
channels you need

Step 6

Step 7

Down to "PPM Output mode"

Change into "computed""

Step 8

Step 9

Down to "Signal Fault"

Right to "individual set"

Step 10

Step 11

Now back up to
"Measure Or Setting"
"Main Settings"

and right to "Out Pin Set"

Step 12

Here you can chose the channel you will use for
Fail Save:

Y1 = Channel1
Y16 = Channel16

Down to "Set Output Pin"

Step 13

Step 14

Down to "Signal Fault Yx"

change into "fail save"

Step 15

Here you can set the
channel preset.

0.80ms = 0
1.50ms = 125
2.20ms = 250

Down to "Fail Save Yx"

controll the "Fail Save" function

To control the function start the KopterTool and open "Channels". Then switch off the transmitter.
The "Fail Safe channel(s)" must change into the level that you use under "Fail Safe".

Tip if you don't have the menus in "Out Pin Set": The output mode must be changed to "computed" ("main setting" -> "PPM output mode")

/!\ Check the fail-safe channel outputs in the Koptertool before starting.