Release date: 29.01.2018




  • V2.20 - Software + MikroKopter Tool
    (ZIP Archive)

    Please use a MKUSB for a Update !!!

{i} old FlightControls until V2.0 (with 644 Processor) are only supported until 2.12

How to update?

What's new

Mobile Display

There is now another virtual menu

It was mainly developed for Smartphones

Activate this menu by pressing the rotating symbol.

Variable Baudrate

The baudrate for serial communication can be set on the SETINGS.INI of the SD-Card:

Setting in the KopterTool:

Wapoint Yaw without activated Carefree

Now the MK can yaw without activated CareFree. This option must be anabled on the SD-Card.

Graupner HoTT

  • New voices:
    • "MikroKopter ready"

    • "record"
    • "Starting waypoint flight"
    • "Load / Save"

    /!\ Note: An HoTT-Update is required: (See HottUpdate)

GimbalCtrl for BL-Gimbals

Support for Basecam (Alexmos) Gimbals via the interface: GimbalCtrl

The gimbal data, like angles etc. will be recorded in the logfiles.

The gimbal data can be seen in the MobileDisplay and some gimbal functions can be controlled.

Altitude for Failsafe

The MK flies back in this altitude at RC-Lost.

KopterTool : Heading to Next WP

If the MK shall face in flight direction during WP-Grid flights, you can now use this function.


Now also logged:

  • Channel assignement
  • Speed of SD-Card access
  • <RCSticks> are nor the following channels: Nick, Roll, Yaw, Gas, CH5, CH6, CH7,...CH16

  • Angle of the BL-Gimbal (CamCtrl)

sonstige Änderungen

  • In case of SD-logging abort -> close files and open new files after some seconds

  • writing SD-Card Speed in GPX-File
  • writing the channel assignment into the logfile
  • changing the <RCSticks> into the real channels instead of Potis (Nick, Roll, Yaw, Gas, CH5, CH6, CH7,...CH16

  • No ASCII Encoding in GPX-File
  • Do not use AutoTrigger on CH-Flight after Waypoint flight

  • negative gimbal degrees possible -> attention: "AUTO" is now 121 - that will effect old waypoint tools

  • New Waypoint direction option: Look into flight direction
  • SD-Card logging: Logfile does not stop, if the SD-Card switch opens
  • Magnetic Field in OSD-Data
  • corrected: leap seconds in UTC calculation
  • External Control: EC_ONLY_IF_MOTOR_OFF 0x10 // use these Stick Positions only if the motors are not running -> this is used for calibrate etc. to make sure that full throttle not applied with running motors

  • if the AltitudeHold is used via ExternalControl -> switch on AltitudeHold in the parameters -> ExternalControl.Switches & EC2_ALTITUDE

  • SPI -> Some Data moved to new Positions

  • SPI -> Block to FC now 2 bytes longer and unused FCStatus removed

  • NC also beeps if the transmitter was not switched on
  • new Parameter: FailsafeAltitude for RC-Lost

  • Looping sources deleted
  • ExternalControl: Send data to NC for virtual LCD

  • Prepared: Mission Parameter in Waypoint Editor
    • Trigger Bitmask
    • Ignore-RC-Lost
    • Delay Trigger (half of Waypoint Time)
    • CH-Altitude
    • Failsafe-Altitude

Bugfixes and addons

2.20h (12.03.2018)

  • added the tag in the logfile: <!-- Redundant System: YES -->

  • Compatiblity of loading the wpl-files set to version 3 & 4 to be able to load wpl-files created by KopterTool

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