Release date: 09.04.2014



  • Public Beta 2.05: Forum

  • See also the Version 2.04 for the changes in the last release.


How to update?



  • The settings are set to default


(Load / save positions)

(Save a camera track)

Higher accuracy on Position Hold

The accuracy of PH is much higher now and the position is faster reached if the MK drifted away by the wind.

All tested MKs achieved a much better GPS-performance.

The difference is significant in areas with weak magnetic field and big magnetic declination - like in Brazil.

Speed at 'Dynamic Position Hold' (dPH)

  • The maximum speed of dPH can be set as parameter.
  • Means: if you move the stick to 100%, the MK flys with the set speed.
  • Per default it is set to 10m/sec
  • If you want to fly with 50km/h, you can set it to 140 (14,0m/sec)

Auto-Photo-Release in altitude steps

If you want to take photos of a tower, the MK can release a photo each x meters (rising and falling).

(If the blinking pattern is set like in the picture, it will make a photo-trigger signal of 0,4 sec)

Saving and loading of intersting positions using the transmitter

The current position of the MK can be stored in flight

Saved are:

  • Position
  • Altitude
  • Kompass direction (heading)

Use case: You made a great picture of a tree in summer time. Then you come back in winter and shoot the same picture from exact the same position.

Number of points

  • In the free version, you can store 4 points.
  • Upgrade licenses can be purchased here

  • The points are stored to the SD-card. So you make a backup copy by the PC.


The menu is in the Text-Telemety:

Press "ESC" long and select "Setting and Data viev".

Go to the last menu with the right button until you reach the first "MikroKopter" Menu.

Then press "Down" (or some lift clicks) to select the SinglePoint menu.

  • Choose the index (UP/Down)
  • Select with (SET)


  • select the menu and press Down

  • Choose the index (Up/Down)
  • Load/Store the Point with "Key right"
  • Back with "Left"

Speed between these points

Use case: You want to make a movie and you have to fly between two points again and again.

You can set a fixed speed or select a Poti. -> so you can program a flight with smooth speeds easily by the tranmitter <-

Altitude line between the Single-Points:

The MK calculates the correct altitude between the points.

Here the MK flew to two points and thy were stored via the transmitter. Then the points were called and the MK flew automatically between these points (eight times).

Altitude line between Waypoints

If you select 'AUTO' or 255 as altitude speed, the MK calculates the altitude line to this Waypoint automatically.


(The waiting time between the points was set to zereo - that makes the MK so fast)

Programable servo movements

It is possible to map the blinking pattern (for camera trigger) to servo outputs. Now the High/Low setpoints can be adjusted.

That makes it easier to release the camera with LANC or IR-Control.


In the past, the license-file had to be stored on the SD-card. In case of replacing the card it could be forgotten to store the file on the card again. Now the file will be copied into the EEPROM of the NC if a LICENSE.INI was found.

And it is possible to import a license file via the KopterTool.

{i} A license key can be generated by the KopterTool. You can order a license from us with this key.


  • Time reolution in 0,1sec
  • Nick/Roll angle resolution in 0,1°
  • New Entry: MotorNotReadyCnt -> A counter for each single Motor. They count up in case of a Problem (Motor stopped etc)

GPX Infos

  • New entries: some important Setting infos added

Flight ranges

Creates a virtual cage.

There were three parameters for maximum Ranges on the SD-card in the NC:

  • Maximum Altitude
  • Maximum Range in GPS-Mode
  • Descend range -> needed for Law in France

At different sites different parameters could be needed. Now the parameters are moved to the FC-Settings. The user can now use different settings for different cases.

The old Parameters are not used any more:

The are replaced by these parameters:

/!\ Note:

  • If you fly over these limits, you will get an error-message.
  • When flying with altitude control and in dPH-GPS-mode, you can't fly beyond the ranges.

Reminder: how to start & stop the motors

Pitch/roll stick must be pushed into the bottom corner to start or stop the motors

{i} This is not new -> it was already implemented in Version 2.00

Number one cause of crashes is still accidentally switching off the Motors in flight - which is now effectively avoided

(The pitch / roll stick can be pushed into a corner either left or right)


  • NC 2.06b: Logfile stopped for about 5 sec after an error occured
  • NC 2.06d: (02 May 2014) Bugfix: Waypoint Events
  • FC 2.06c & NC 2.06f: (10.05.2014) Bugfix: rotation of relative Waypoints if the camera is not orientatet to Nick (Cameraritentaion rotated)

  • FC 2.06e:
    • Bugfix: BL-Config of motors 9-12 was deactivated
    • reading the SW-Version of the BLs
    • Bugfix: Motor 1 sometimes reported "software not compatible" in BL-Settings
    • Transmit all version numbers to KopterTool

  • NC 2.06i:
    • <ele_raw> added in the logfiles

    • additional information in GPX Info field: BL SW-Version and others
    • Bugfix: after deleting waypoints via "GPS-Free" it could happen that the next WP flight would not release photos at Waypoint 1
  • 2.06f (21.7.2014):
    • Secure function: Avoid that the Altitude setpoint can be much higher than the actual altitude
    • Use MinGas setting before while "Waiting for takeoff" instead of "AltitudeMinGas".

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