In this firmware, there are some general changes.

Please read the information below carefully!

Release date: 09.08.2013




Here is the latest software version can be downloaded:

How to update

Never done an update? A description of how to do this can be found here: SoftwareUpdate


/!\ Note: the challel numbers were changed - Do not load saved settings from older version with the KopterTool!

  • do not change MK3Mag firmware!

Direct input of the channel name at the main functions

  • There we don't need to assign a poti
  • Nevertheless, you can fix turn on the options - eg 'GPS always on PH'
  • Fore parameters and the camera tilt, the potis are still used

Pitch/roll stick must be pushed into the bottom corner to start or stop the motors

Number one cause of crashes is still accidentally switching off the engines in flight - which is now effectively avoided

(The pitch / roll stick can be pushed into a corner either left or right)


  • When a Motor safety switch is used, you don't have to move the Nick/Roll Stick

  • Who should be totally unhappy with this change, but does not want to waste a channel with the safety switch, can enter "OFF" instead of "Disabled" ind the safety-switch option. Then it's like in the old versions.

GPS parameters

  • The GPS parameters were slightly changed and the algorithms have been improved.
  • GPS parameters are changesd (P = 90 -> 100, I = 90 -> 90, D = 90 -> 120, A = 40)

  • If PH leads to oscillate, should maybe reduce GPS-ACC (the compass should work well of course as in all previous versions)
  • You will probably notice that the MK brakes differently after changing the pH position.
  • The GPS algorithms now run slightly faster with 40Hz.

Startup and landing


/!\ Note: only supported with the ACC-Upgrade!

short instructions


  • Switch on altitude control (Vario-mode)
  • Set the switch before starting the motors to 'off' (landing)
  • After starting the motors, move the gas stick into the middle position (hoover position)
  • Move the switch to 'on' (start) -> MK rises to 1-2m

  • You can always get manual control with manually moving the gas-stick


  • In flight move the switch from 'start' to 'landing'
  • You can always get manual control with manually moving the gas-stick, but the MK will remain in 'Landing' mode
  • after landing, please switch off the motors manually

Other questions

  • If the MK was manually started (and has even brought over 1.5m), one can always move the switch to 'Start' - then nothing happens, because the MK is already flying
  • Who does not want to use the auto-start/landing, the switch can simply be ignored - as long as it is not moved , no start/landing will be initiated.
  • If you want to automatically land, but your switch was on 'landing' since the start, just move that switch to 'start' (nothing happens) and then back into the 'landing' postion - the landing process will start then.


landing speed in failsafe case

This landing speed is also used for emergency landing in failsafe-case (RC-Lost).

Procedure in the case of failsafe is:

  • go to CH-Altitude (if defined) and stay for 5 seconds on that position (PH)
  • fly home (usually the speed is 7-8m/sec)
  • at home point go down:
    • descend 4m/sek until altitude of 20m
    • descend 2m/sek until altitude of 10m
    • use the 'landing-speed-Setting' for the last 10m for descending

This procedure above may take 60 second (what you set as failsafe-time). After this time the MK uses the "emergency-gas" for the set time:

  • motor to emergency-gas for the selected time (in my example 85% hoovergas for 9 seconds)

If the RC-Signal comes back within the procedure, the failsafe is cancelled an the MK is back under RC-control.

example setting

Extending number of RC-Channels to 16

The PPM-Input now supports 16 channels (also HoTT and Jeti)

/!\ Note: the Hott-Receiver must be set to 16 outputs (SUMO 16 instead SUMO12) link.

Click and Fly (1-Waypoint navigation)

On the landing point, a waypoint is set with a negative altitude and the adjustable descent rate at the current position.

Showing the setting name

The name of the current settings is displayed after calibrating for a few seconds in the HoTT/Jeti display.

If the parameters are changed in the settings, you may have forgotten on the flying field what had be changed in what setting.

Now you can note it in the settings name. (eg, "ACC = Poti1").

Indication of the path flown in KopterTool

  • can be switched on/off in the KopterTool

  • The lines are deleted by the 'delete'-button or when in/out-zooming the image or changing the Map size

GPS deviation

  • You can also display the current fluctuation of the GPS position.
  • Basically, this is intended to observe the variation in the GPS coordinates to the ground. If you do it in flight, you can see the flown path.
    • {i} The center position can be moved by right-click

Waypoint flight accuracy

Wind correction revised

  • The wind correction now works better - it tries to bring the MK back to the desired flight track.
  • When you need a even higher precision, you should put the wind correction to 100% and "WaypointDynamic" (Settings.ini on SD card) to 100% (or even 120%). If the flight path swings then, you should both set to 90% or even smaller.


Our SimpleGpxViewer can now show the release points in a map.

GPS Info

The KopterTool now can show:

  • The current GPS deviation (MK must be on the ground)
    • {i} The center position can be moved by right-click

  • The current signal strength of the satellites (Note: under a clear sky at least one satellite sounhl have 50dB signal strength - otherwise you should mount a GpsShield)

  • Position of the satellites in the sky
    • light green: Sat is in use for navigation and its data is corrected by SBAS-correction data
    • dark green: Sat is in use for navigation but its data is not corrected by SBAS-correction data
    • turquoise: Sat is not used for navigation, but available
    • red: signal too bad or sat not usable
    • violet: Sat is provider for SBAS-correction data

/!\ Note: If you use this function, the KopterTool gets direct access to the GPS module and the NC reports the error "Error: No GPS Communication"


The logging can be accelerated up to 200 ms (Settings.ini on SD card)


  • StickNeutral setting per default 127

  • Move the GAS/YAW Stick > 100 instead > 75 for switch on / off

  • Failsafe active by default if ACC-Upgarde (30sec)
  • increased NC-SPI communication from 25Hz to 41Hz
  • MotorTemperature and GPS-Mode-Switch more often to NC

  • GPS-Login-Time set to 2sec (was 5sec)
  • JetiEX: Name set to 'MK' -> please refresh the Telemetry data in the Transmitter

  • Limit Servo values of Servo3-5 to 24-255
  • Measure of Navigation Update speed (virtual display)
  • SpeakHott while compass calibration "calibrate", "calibrate", "MikroKopter" or "Error: Calibration"

  • Report KopterTool if MK3Mag and MKGPS is connected - don't show the Buttons "MK3MAG" or "MKGPS" if not connected to NC

  • fixed in 2.00: if "ServoRelative" is used, it could happen that the servo moves to a wrong position in the first second after the first calibration

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