INFO: For this function the altitude sensor on the FlightCtrl is required.


The function "AltitudeHold" makes it possible for you that the MikroKopter holds automatically the height without a re-adjustment by the control-sticks.
Here the Kopter uses the altitude sensor on the FlightCtrl. For a proper function the sensor should be protected from light and wind and should be installed under a hood.
But also a packing of the sensor is possible. A describtion how that works you will find here: Altitude sensor.

To use now the function you must activate the function "Altitude hold active" in the KopterTool and you need to assign that to a switch channel.
Information you can find here: Altitude Hold

On your transmitter this switch channel will be assigned to a 2-way switch. Is that one enabled the function "AltitudeHold" is ON.

With an activated function you can choose between two types of height control:

Height Limit

The "Height control" (also called "Cover-Height control") limits, like the name says, the height.
If the height control was selected and turned on during a flight the Kopter will climb a few meters more while pushing the throttle-stick. Then the Kopter will stop climbing.
In that way you can leave the throttle on "full power" and the Kopter will not climb further.
(How far the Kopter will climb after switching on the function you can determine in the setting "Altitude P". A describtion you will find here: Altitude P)


Most of the functions of the Kopter (i.e. the WaypointFlight or the Failsafe) are determined for the Vario-Height. Therefore, this mode should preferably be selected.

If this height control was chosen the Kopter will hold with an approximatly middle-position of the Gas/Throttle-Stick automatically the current height/altituide.

If you move now the Gas/Throttle-Stick either way up or down there will be not more or less throttle as maybe suspected.
With this function the nominal height will be shifted upwards or downwards.
The Kopter is following this shifting automatically and indicates that throughout "beeps" on the Kopter.
If you move the Gas/Throttle-Stick back into the middle-position the Kopter will keep automatically the new position.