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If you want to use a Lipo to supply a device like a Monitor, the problem is, that a undervoltage-Warning is missing.

And if you forget to disconnect the Lipo, the Lipo gets totally discharged and would be damaged.

The LipoSaver:

  • Warns you at a low voltage level
  • Switches off the power
  • Simply connects your Lipo on the balancer-Connector

/!\ Attention: Please note the polarity of the balancer connector (black is negative). If the polarity is reversed, the LiPoSaver itselve gets not damaged. However, then comes out the wrong polarity on the output and could (possibly) damage the connected device.

Voltage levels

Use on 4-cell-Lipo (4S)

  • Warning: Voltage below 13,5V
  • Switching off: Spannung Voltage below 12,5V

Use on 3-cell-Lipo (3S)

  • Warning: Voltage below 10,5V
  • Switching off: Spannung Voltage below 9,4V

/!\ Please disconnect the Liposaver from the Lipo to prevent totally discharge of the Lipo. The Lipo-Saver itselv takes about 3mA, that would discharge your Lipo about 0,1Ah per day


  • Solder the output cable
  • Attach the cable with the cable tight
  • Solder the angled pin-row

Use without balancer-connection

Use on 3S

For using on 3s the following changes are required:

  • Use only 4-pins row
  • Solder the Jumper "3s"