Wireless Video downlink ...

Using a 2.4 GHz CMOS and a Pentax A30 digital camera.

Needed parts

  • 2.4 GHz Camera module (sender + receiver)
  • Pentax A30
  • soldering iron/rod
  • 15 minutes time


  • Videoglasses for live-preview (example iTheatre)

iTheatre_small.jpg Let's start!

Opening the camera

It's very easy to open the camera. You don't even need to open a screw. Press the screwdriver to the little gap between the top and bottom housing and open it carefully.


What you can see is the transmitter PCB and the CMOS camera PCB with the preamplifier for the microphone.


Identifying the signals

After some measurements it's really easy + clear.

  • RED: 5V supply voltage


  • WHITE: Mono Sound

  • YELLOW: PAL signal


Preparing the Pentax A30 AV-out cable

To get the PAL signal out of the Pentax A30 you have to prepare the cable and cut it at about 15cm. There are 2 signals available: PAL and Mono Sound. Peel off a litte bit of the isolation and drill the wires.


Connect PAL to the transmitter

Connect (solder) the three wires (Sound, GND, PAL) to the transmitter module and fix it with a heat shrink tube or something else.


Supply the whole electronic with 5V

If you use the Pentax PRISM for remote photography, you may "steal" the 5V supply from the servo contacts. It's also nice to put the PRISM and the transmitter module together in an heat shrink tube and place it in front of the A30 during flight.


Now you have a live video preview of your Pentax A30 view during flight.