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Remote triggering with the MikroKopter

We offer different system to trigger a photo-, video-, thermal imaging- or other camera on the MikroKopter:

  • Shuttercable

    • Cable Remote Trigger for different cameras with 2.5mm jack or N3 socket.

  • IR-Ctrl

    • Remote operation of different photo-, video-, thermal imaging- or other cameras via IR.
    • Up to 4 functions can be taught in with the original remote control of your photo-, video- or other camera into the IR Control.

  • LANC-Ctrl

    • Controls the function of a slow zoom, REC ON/OFF and the photo trigger of several video cameras via the LANC protocol.

A description of each item can be found on the following wiki pages:

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Shoplink with 2.5mm jack plug
Shoplink with N3 plug

Shoplink IR-Ctrl

Shoplink LANC-Ctrl