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In the Mikrokopter-Shop you can buy the Spektrum DX7 2.4GHz-Radio (Mode2) which is a Digital 2.4GHz hand-held Transmitter with Receiver. It uses spread spectrum technology which means you don't need a Quartz or a dedicated frequency for either Transmitter or Receiver. It runs in the popular 2.4GHz Band just like Wireless LAN and Bluetooth.

Mode 1/2

R/C Transmitters come in different Modes, 1 or 2. This defines on what side the Throttle Stick is by default You can always manually swap modes at a later time by opening your Transmitter. Check the manual first as it involves removing springs etc...


You will notice that one of the 2 sticks will not return into its original position, that is your Throttle.

Mode 1

In mode 1 the Throttle stick is on the right hand side by default.

Mode 2

In mode 2 the Throttle stick is on the left hand side by default.

Box Contents

In the Box you will find:

  • Transmitter inc. pre-mounted Antenna
  • Transmitter Battery (1500mAh NiMH)
  • AR6200 Receiver
  • additional Diversity-Satellite receiver
  • Bind-Plug
  • On/Off switch

/!\ NO charger included, you need the following items: Charging cable - Ultramat 8 OR Ultramat 14 plus

Satellite Receiver

With the help of this small additional Satellite Receiver it will be the only thing you need to Remote Control your Mikrokopter.



Like with Bluetooth you need to pair your Transmitter to the receiver. Once you are paired you will not interfere with anyone else who flies around you. Other 2.4GHz devices should not interfere either. (no guarantee when flying next to a Microwave oven)

To pair your Transmitter you need to use the Bind-Plug (shortens Ground and PPM)

  • On your Transmitter select the correct "air-vehicle" or leave it to Heli (default), doesn't really matter anyway in this step
  • Connect the main receiver and the Satellite receiver together
  • A second Satellite-cable is useful, because one is soldered to the FC
  • Put your receiver into "bind-mode" use the bind jumper (check the manual for more accurate details) see picture:

  • Connect 5V (4,5-5V) onto the receiver, Positive to Red and Negative (Ground) to the bind jumper. Both receivers should pulse orange.

  • Make sure your Transmitter is switched off and that the throttle is set to 0 (pull the lever towards you)
  • On the back of the Transmitter, press the bind Button and keep it pressed while you switch your Transmitter on
  • After 5-10 seconds the LED's on your receivers will stay on, your paired
  • remove the binding plug before disconnect the 5V-Supply
  • alternatively check the manual that came with the Transmitter for the correct bind-mode wiring

/!\ 5V only - do not use direct Lipo-supply!

Secure the Bind-Button

You should put two small foam pads next to the Bind Button so it does not get pressed by accident. /!\ Attention: If you put your Transmitter into the Contest-Tray from Graupner, the Bind Button will be pressed down constantly! The easiest way to avoid this is put foam pads next to the Bind-Button:

loosing binding on some DX7-firmwares

Please don't use the model memory 11-20.

The issue Spektrum Service Center discovered affects ModelMatch for models 11–20 when binding and saving new models into memory.


Connecting the Satellite Receiver to the FlightCtrl

There are no dedicated pins for this receiver nevertheless it is very easy to connect it to the FlightCtrl.

  • You only need the small Sat-Receiver, without the Main part (the part where you connect the servos, stash it away)

  • Cut off the connector of the Sat-Receiver (only on ONE end!)

Connection to FC-V1.3

Connection to FC-ME 2.0

Connection to FC-ME 2.1

The 3,3V power connection for the satellite receiver is on the bottom side of the Flight Controller.


  • black to "g" (negative)
  • orange to "3,3V" (positive)
  • gray to "Rx" (data connection)
  • do not bridge the 2 JET connectors.

Also see: Spektrum

Setup the DX7 for the use with the MikroKopter

Set Type to "ACRO"

A new DX7 is set to HELI by default. We need the ACRO type, because we don't want the heli-mixers.

how to:

  • press 'Down' & 'Select' simultaniously and switch on the DX7

  • press 'UP' two time to get into menu "TYPE SELECT"
  • use 'ADJUST' to set the type to "ACRO"
  • confirm with 'CLEAR'
  • switch off the DX7

/!\ See page 20 in the spektrum guide

use AUX2 'Hover Throttle' as poti

The tipp-switches on the right side can be used as poti (for excample for camera angle). Therefore the mode of AUX2 must be set to "ROCKER"

how to:

  • press 'Down' & 'Select' simultaniously and switch on the DX7

  • press 'DOWN' three times to get into menu "INPUT SELECT"
  • use 'ADJUST' to set AUX2 to "ROCKER"
  • switch off the DX7

/!\ See page 38 in the spektrum guide


Questions, Thoughts or Enhancements to:

  • steve (at) (in English, German or French)


  • DH3JHZ (at) (German only?)

Hidden feature: The service Menu


The DX-8 Spektrum receiver also works with the MikroKopter, but please note:

  • You can use the Satellite receiver that comes with the DX8
  • You must use "Spektrum high resolution" in the Koptertool configuration (Channels)

old satellite receivers on the DX8

  • You can not bind the old satellite-receivers on the AR8000 that comes with the DX8
  • If you want to use the old satellite receivers, you must bind them on an old servo-receiver (AR6000, AR7000 or AR9000)
  • If you bind the Satellite on a AR6000 (6 channels) or AR7000 (7 channels), the receiver will only output 7 channels