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Download - Wiki

The latest software include the right KopterTool can be downloaded in our MikroKopter-Wiki => Download

Download - KopterTool

If you already use the KopterTool you can get the latest software and KopterTool via the KopterTool.

Open the Terminal window and press the "loupe" button to open the download window.
Via "Installationspaket" you can also download the new Software incl. new KopterTool.
But you can also get the MikroKopter-Tool and/or the Software for your FlightCtrl / NaviCtrl single vial the sliders beside.

Automatic notification ON/OFF

If a new software is online, the KopterTool will show you an info.

If you will not see this info you can deactivate "Check for Updates Automatically" and "Show 'New Firmware available' message".