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Serieller Konverter (SerCon) ( Serial Converter )

The Serial Converter has two functions:

SI-PROG: Serial In Circuit Programming interface for programs like PonyProg and avrdude

RS232/TTL-Converter: Converts the 5V TTL level of the AVR to the levels needed by a PC serial interface.

Why do I need that ?

If you want to program an AVR controller you need an In-Circuit-Programming interface. These can be connected to a parallel, serial or USB port of the PC.

If you search the Internet you will see that there many variants of ICP interfaces.

With the SerCon you can program all PCB's from our Homepage ( also the PCB's from )

The RS232/TTL converter is needed for the setup, parameterizing and debugging with the MikroKopter-Tool. If you want you can also construct the circuit on a prototype PCB...

In the download area you will find a detailed description, a parts list, a schematic and so on...

Programming the ATMEGA644 of the Main PCB with PonyProg

/!\ ToDo: Find a better location for this information

In the past there have been difficulties with AVRDude.

There is now a version of PonyProg that can program the ATMEGA644 using the SerCon: PonyProg V2.6g

/!\ Attention: the newer V2.7a does not work! The ATMEGA644 is not in the device database.

Chose the ATMEGA644 as controller.

To use the SerCon chose the following in Interface-Setup:

You must select the following Fuses:

Operation is similar to the BL-Ctrl ( if necessary look in the instructions manual )

/!\ Attention: If you use the Flight-Control Software with Bootloader, you have to set the following Fusebits to be able to use the Bootloader afterwards:

Problem Solution: Write failed

If the programming fails with the message "Write failed" the reason may be a wrong parameter for PonyProg. In the PonyProg INI-File change the following values:

  • ATMegaPageWriteDelay=100
  • AVRByteWriteDelay=50
  • AVREraseDelay=100

(The Version 2.06g of PonyProg has 2 ini-files: PONYPROG2000.INI and PonyProg2000_26g.ini. If in doubt change both ).

Problem Solution: locked out of the processor

If after setting inaccurate fuse bits ( or a failed programming with avrdude ) there is no longer access to the processor, you may be able to resurrect it with an external oscillator. See the wiki article AVRWiederbelebung.