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Futaba / FASST / RASST receiver R6107SP

  • 7 channels
  • Multisignal- / Summensignal - Output
  • JR/Futaba- connector
  • Weight: ca. 6 g
  • Dimensions: ca. 39 x 22 x 12 mm
  • Voltage: 3,8V - 8,5
  • Easy to bind with EASY-Link feature
  • Range: 1000m
  • no outputs for normal servos - only MK-Sum-signal


/!\ Set your Futaba-transmitter to 7 Channels first. Otherwise a binding is not possible. If the green LED is flashing, the binding prodecure was disturbed (WLAN or other 2,4GHz-Transmitters)



Only the MK-Version allows a safe detection of the loss of signal. In that case the MK can handle accordingly - low gas and even angles

/!\ Attention: only the Version from MK-Shops have the correct fail-save-feature

'normal' Version (non-MK-Version)

The non-MK-Versions of this receivers use the gas-stick-position the transmitter had during binding. The neutral angles of the MK can not be programmed during binding.