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Quadro Power Distribution

Assembly of the Molex connector

Assembly of the bridges

8 bridges have to be assembled on the distribution board.

check for shortcut

The bridges may not have contact against each other or against plus or minus

Measure with a multimeter: against each other and against plus and minus it must have high resistance

Solder Elkos

The BL-Ctrls are connected via the wires of the Elko (capacitors). The Elkos are assembled from the top of teh distribution board.

The Elko-wires are to be bent over and put (and soldered) through the + and - solder-pads of the BL-Ctrls.

/!\ MINUS (marked on each Elko) goes to the outer sides - do not mix plus and minus here!

/!\ a lot of heat has to be used on the distribution board to make a perfect connection

Solder these pads from both sides of the distributor!

I2C connections

connect C & D to the BL-Ctrls

Power and Buzzer

Connect the batterie cable

  • plus = red
  • minus = black

/!\ do not mix plus and minus here!

Connect the Buzzer

  • Buzzer plus = red cable = "Buzz"
  • Buzzer Minus = black cable = "minus"

connect the FC

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