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FlightCtrl V3 - Parachute-Function


Parachute Input

If you want to use a parachute on the MikroKopter, the Motors must stop when the parachute releases.

Now you can connect a switch on the IO1 input of the FC3.0 for emergency-switch-off.

To make sure this can't happen for users without Parachutes, these criteria must be met:

  • 1 - License Feature "Parachute" must be active

  • 2 - The IO-Function must be set to 9 = Parachute on the SD-Card
    You can open the "settings.ini" on the microSD card with an editor and change it.

How to check the activated function:

You can see the activated funcion in every logfile:

Input IO1

  • The input must be a closing contact on IO1 of the FC3.0

  • If the input is closed during flight (for min.2 seconds), the motors will stop.

When the contact is closed, you will get an error Message 43: Parachute! via the telemetry and
the HoTT-Transmitter speaks "MikroKopter Off"

You can find the error message in the Logfile like this:

Example connection

Here you can see how to connect the IO1 with an separate receiver and a parachute.