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Video Monitor

See also: MikroKopter-Boards


A specially adapted Monitor for the MikroKopter you can buy at the online store.
This Monitor is available in two different versions:



Both monitors have the following connections:

  • Power "OUT"
    • 3.5mm or 5mm (depending on monitor). Connect to "Power IN" of the Video receiver
  • Video "IN" (3.5mm plug)
    • Connect to "Video out" of the Video receiver
  • Video "IN" (Cinch)
    • Additional video Input e.g. for an external player
  • Power "IN"
    • Power in Monitor
  • LipoSaver

    • to safe the lipo against undervoltage or damage connect the LipoSaver between the Balance plug of the Lipo 4S Lipo and the "Power IN" of the monitor

  • Audio "IN"
    • Input speaker. This plug you can connect e.g. to the Graupner MX-20 to hear the voice of the telemetry


Use this Monitor only with a 4S Lipo.
If you use a 3S Lipo and the power is too low, the monitor can have a malfunction.

Mounting Clip

Very easy you can install the clip that consists of 4 parts.

First you have to insert the upper holder into the rail and rotate it by 90°. During this you should depress the holder slightly in the center.
(Click on graphic to enlarge)

In the next step you can insert the lower holder.

Now the left and right holders can be inserted. NOTE: This requires some effort.

The attached rubber ring which hold the Lipo, can be inserted in the hooks.

Insert the video receiver with the bottom first into the holder. Also insert the Lipo.

At the end connect all together.