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Mini CMOS Kamera PAL 420TVL

Mini CMOS Kamera PAL 420TVL

Shoplink: Mini CMOS Kamera PAL420TVL

The small and lightweight camera PAL 420TVL is the perfect camera for the MikroKopter..


You can use this camera for FPV flight or as an additional camera on the copter.

Technical data

  • Power: ~12V DC
  • wide Angle: ~150°
  • Dimensions: (T x O) ~22 x 18.5mm
  • Weight: ~21g


The mini camera can be fixed either with the metal bracket on the copter or with the mounting bracket at the SLR1+2 Camera mount.

With the mounting bracket you can mount it in two ways:

Option 1 - Rigid mounting

If the mini-camera shall look every time in the same direction without changing the tilt, you can assemble it in this way.
For this purpose, remove the metal bracket by unscrewing the front cap of the mini camera.
Then remove the lower front screw of the camera mount. Now you can mount the mounting bracket with the long screw.
Finally the mini-camera can insert in the whole.

(Click image to enlarge)

Option 2 - flexible mounting

Also you can mount the mounting bracket flexible on the camera mount.
Thereby, the mini camera can be tilted together with the camera mounting.

At first the cap must be removed.This can be easily done with a small screwdriver.
After removing the cap remove also the screw and the washer. Now you can install the mini-camera as you can see in the picture

(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

After the camera is mounted, it can be connected to the video transmitter.


Check if the picture is displayed horizontally straight.
If not, unscrew the front cap of the mini camera and rotate the camera. If the picture is straight fix the front cap.