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Jeti Box Profi


The here described settings and procedures are related to the actual version 1.17 Jeti.
You can download the latest software directly from the homepage of Jeti: Homepage

Jeti Box Profi

Via the Jeti Box Profi (JBP) you can display the telemetry data of the MikroKopter. The JBP can be additionally placed into an already existing connection between Jeti-transmitter and Jeti receiver.

The data:

  • Built-in antenna

  • 2,4GHz transmission technology

  • Display of the MikroKopter telemetry on a 128x64 display with backlight

  • Voice output of the telemetry values (via connected loudspeaker od headset)

  • Opportunity to connect to the PC (USB)

  • Different menu languages can be set (German, Cestina, English, Francais)

Jeti Box Profi


The Jeti-EX-Telemetry is only supported from FlightControl V2.1 and software version V0.90.
Information about the version 0.90 you can find here: V0.90

Instruction for the Jeti Box Profi

The instruction of the currently valid version can be downloaded directly from Jeti: Jeti Box Profi Bedienungsanleitung


On the JBP you go with the six buttons on the right through the menu:

(To enlarge -> click on the image)

Bind JBP with transmitter + receiver

So that the data can be transferred to the Jeti Box Profi, it need to be connected first with the transmitter and the receiver.
Here you need to use the Monitor mode.

Proceed with the setup as follows:

In the main menu
choose "SET-UP"...

...and open the menu

Change here the mode to

...and initiate with "Start"
the binding.

(To enlarge -> click on the image)

After the binding has been initiated, first the Jeti transmitter and then the Jeti receiver need to be switched ON.
After the binding Start appears in the display again.

Display of the telemetry values

In the display of the JBP you have all together 5 windows to display up to four individual telemetry values (PARAMETER1-4).

For the setup you proceed as follows:

In the main menu choose
"Parameter 1-4" ...

...and open it with "ENTER".
Open here "Equipment" ...

...and choose the Entry

(To enlarge -> click on the image)

After you opened the parameter "-=.M_K.=-" with "ENTER", you will see a selection of telemetry values.
Here you choose a desired value and confirm it with "ENTER.

(To enlarge -> click on the image)

After pressing "Enter" you can
choose the display mode
for the telemetry value

This telemetry value will be
displayed accordingly

(To enlarge -> click on the image)

Voice output

Currently you can choose only announcements at the JBP, which do not fit completely to the appropriate telemetry values of the MikroKopter.
In the settings of the KopterTool the display Telemetry: Speak all events should not be selected.
So the voice messages will be not announced in the JBP.