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See also: MK-GPS; NaviControl


This is an enlargement of the ground-plane of the GPS-Receiver to increase the signal strenght. Also it shields the antenna against electro magnetic fields of the other electronics.

Improvement of the GPS signal strenth

The improvements has the following advantages:

  • better Position-Hold of the MikroKopter

  • much better GPS performance during sun storms

  • faster Fix after switch-on

GPS signal without Gps-Shield

GPS signal with Gps-Shield

Under clear sky the signal strenght goes up to 50dB


The four panels are broken out of the four-plate and with a small file (eg, nail file) deburred.

After that the plates are soldered to a ring.

At the end the ring is fixed and connected to the ground-ring of the MKGPS.


Version 1.1

Version 1.1 is slightly changed. The edges are different to fit better under the hub.


GPS-Cover 64

For small QuadroKopters (like L4-Set), the GPS-Cover64 can also be used.

It has an additional lower ring to cover the electronics

Shop link: GPS-Cover-64

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