Frame building

Here you can show your frame construction or publish tips to build a frame: . .

  • Frame construction with Centerplate
  • MK-40-Rahmen (40cm shaft distance, Roxxy 2824-34, EPP1045 10")

  • MK-30-Rahmen Alu and insertable with CFK (30cm shaft distance, Roxxy 2815, X-Ufo-Props 8")

  • CFK-Rohr-Rahmen CFK pipe with Alu-square covers, adjustable length, inner cable wiring possible

  • Typical weight used materials

  • - Frames

  • kitframebuild Building a kit frame (MK Basisset M1, MK Basisset M2)

When using Alu-square profile, drilling should be made from both sides. While drilling from one side through the whole profile, the drill will drift away. Resulting in holes not exactly in front of each other

Don't forget: shaft distance is related to the diagonal distance, the distance between the motors is 1/sqr2 = 0.7

Valuable suggestions can be found at Mikrokopter Nachbauten of other pilots