Release date: 20.04.2017




How to update?



  • A flight zone can be defined.
  • Outside the Flyzone an error is reported and the MK flies back.
  • If the MK would fly further away from the zone, it would land automatically.

{i} How to set the Flyzone-Points: Hold ALT and right click into the Map

No flight without flyzones

= Integration of GNSS Galileo Navigation System

(Galileo satellites are displayed in blue color and have an Europe flag sign)

{i} GNSS Receivers with Galileo support are available in our shop

HotShoe Photo counter in the HoTT Text-Telemetry display

Press (SET) in this menu to change between

  1. GPS Speed
  2. Magnetic field
  3. Photo Counter on the HotShoe connector (Text: "No HotShoe" if no connector attached to the FC)

Better Status text in Text-Telemetry

In the last line of the Text-Telemetry you can now see the same information that you see would see in the extra Telemetry display of HoTT-Transmitters like MC-32 or MC-20.

You can now see Waypoint data etc.

More Information in Map-Display

  • Type of Satfix
  • Active Boat-Mode
  • HotShoe adapter connected

Other Changes

  • Bugfix: EEPROM Data was reset if downgrading the firmware
  • Beeping if Parachute is active
  • Show "CalibrationError" Message if the copter is moved during calibration or one value is not correct

  • accept slightly higher tolerances during calibration
  • Bugfix: JetiMenu: ACC-Calibration during flight didn't work

  • Reinit of the GNSS receiver in case of initialisation failure


FC 2.18b (27.04.2017)

  • Bugfix: Dynamic Position Hold, Teachable Carefree & RC-Lost Beep-Off were deactivated in the settings when updating from older Version to 2.18

NC 2.18b (23.05.2017)

  • Serial connection to MK3Mag (old Hardware) fixed. The NC was connecting back to GPS after 5 Seconds because of GPS Data timeout

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