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Buzzer Adpater

This little board can be used to place the buzzer somewere on the Kopter or for using as a port extension of the camera mount.

Who does not want to mount the buzzer on a rigger, with this board the buzzer can quickly and safely fix on the Lipohalter. Here sounds the buzzer to bottom.

Also, the board can be used to extend the nick / roll connectors for a camera mount who are used in the FlightCtrl. If the board attached e.g. on the Lipohalter or at the Center Plate, the servos of the camera mount can be quickly connected.


Mount with a Buzzer

Soldering a buzzer:

Mount for Servo cable - camera mount

Use as an adapter for a power cord Nick / Roll camera mount:


The board can now e.g. mounted at the centerplate


We recommend to mount the Buzzer on a 15mm plastic spacer bolt like on the picture. Do not mount it on the Lipo holder. In case of a crash it could cut the cable to the Buzzer.

Nick/Roll for camera mount: