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  • Be participants in the MikroKopter Beta software program and help us that our next release for the MikroKopter get better.

    You can help to improve the MikroKopter software by you test our BETA versions and sharing your experience with us.

    Send us your experiences, questions and suggestions:

  • Here you will find the BETA software : Download

  • Changes
    The new Beta includes:

    • Autotrigger all X-Meter "ground"
      Our flight control can be used without a copter as a "trigger all X-meters".
      No remote control or BL-Ctrl is needed. Only the FlightCtrl-V3 plus MKGPS.
      The settings for this are made in the "Output" tab.

  • INFO:
    BETA software has not been fully tested and may contain problems.
    It is your responsibility to protect your system and data when using beta software.
    We strongly recommend that you back up all your settings before using beta software.
    Beta software does not include any warranties or support services.