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ARF-OktoXL 4S12

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ARF OktoKopter XL 4S12

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The Okto-XL is available in a ARF (Almost ready to Fly) - Version.

Only a few steps are nessecary:

  • Assemble the Lipo-holder
  • Attach the landing gear
  • Attach the receiver
  • Mount the propellers

No soldering nessecary!

All electronic devices are tested, programmed and configurated.

GPS and NaviCtrl are already included.

The ARF-Okto is already configurated for the mx-32 and mx.32 HoTT Transmitters. So it is the easiest way to start.

Video: Okto XL in a storm

Detail photos

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Transmitter functions

All major functions of the OktoKopter can be controlled from ground:

  • Pitch / roll / yaw and trottle to fly
  • GPS mode
  • Altitude controller
  • Camera tilt
  • Camera control (video start / stop or continuous shooting)
  • Direction independent control mode "Carefree"
  • ...


The following values ​​are displayed in the Telemetry menu:

  • Battery voltage [V]
  • Flight time [min:sec]
  • Used Lipo Capacity [mAh]
  • Altitude [m]
  • Direction of the MikroKopter [°]

  • Current [A]
  • Number of GPS satellites
  • Speed [km/H]
  • Distance and direction to the starting position [m],[°]
  • Error message in plain text when needed

Additionally you can have additional information such as the single temperatures of each motor controller (Brushless ESC).


The transmitter has a built-in speech output. So, all values ​​of the telemetry are available as an announcement.

Example: If you move the GPS switch to the "hold position", says the station "GPS hold".

In addition, important messages are spoken automatically like "Low Voltage".

(open manual -> Click picture)

Technical data

  • Dimensions 73x73x36 (BxLxH)
  • Payload: recommended max. payload = 2500g
  • Max. altitude: Line of sight (several 100m)
  • Max. distance: Line of sight (several 100m)
  • Flight time: max. 45min at full battery load (30Ah)
  • Realistic flight time: 18-28Min (10Ah) See tables below
  • Telemetry with speech: Voltage, capacity, current, altitude, distance, direction, speed, temperature, ...

Flight times

The flight times can be read in the diagrams below

Flight time over capacity

There are three different curves below

  • Hoovering -> with no wind and e.g. position Hold

  • Normal -> in light wind and normal flight

  • Sportive -> high winds or fast flight

  • Example: max. 28.6 min at 10.000mAh (e.g. 2 * 5.000mAh parallel)
  • Example: max. 40.5 min at 20.000mAh (e.g. 4 * 5.000mAh parallel)

Flight time with 10Ah Lipo

Here are also the three curves (see above)

The curves are calculated for a 10.000 Lipo.

  • Example: Without payload: max. 28,6 min
  • Example: With 1000g payload: max 20min



Assembled body

Carbon frame parts

Carbon propellers

easy access to the data interface

stronger aluminium riggers (1,5mm)

Recomended parts





Camera mount