Who is there?

Eugenijus Kostrubinas, a.k.a. liutas4x4 in the Net.

Former helicopter pilot, electronics engineer, MSc.

On MK (in part of avionics) – from autumn of 2011.

Email: liutas4x4@inbox.lt

Wishlist draft

BL-Ctrl & Distribution board

- integrated into Distribution board protection (buffering/insulation) for I2C Bus;

- more convenience mounting of BCs onto DB - without complex unsoldering of defective components;

- BCs must stay connectible to ISP (MK USB) even they are mounted into DB;

- shunt of each BC must to be an external part, not related to PCB topo; it will be the best, if it will be placed on DB;

- LEDs must to be placed on top of BCs;

- DB must to have an electronic "Power ON/OFF" option, - a place for putting a pair of BTS555's, for example;

- Places for soldering (connection points) of power wires, from battery, must to placed on external side of DB. It will lower influence of pulsing power to magnetic compass. The best, if there will be a points for soldering XT60 or Deans connectors, at least two;

- it will be nice to have possibility to change a degree of phases on a motor from BC's settings aplet;

- it will be better, if heat sinks will have other direction of cutting: more heat will distribute in this case because of more conviniet air flow.

Flight-Ctrl board

- connecting other altimeters instead of barometric low-res erratic MPX 4115A: ultrasonic for lower ranges, Bosch BMP180 for upper (>3-5 m); both - via I2C Bus;