Shoplink: Wi.232-Set

The Wi.232-Set V2.0 consists of a Wi.232 transmitter- and receiver module (868MHz). Both modules are already programmed and adjusted to each other which allows an interference-free connection.
The set contains everything what is necessary to connect it to the Kopter and to the PC.


Wi.232-Set V2.0
1x Wi.232-Module PC
1x Wi.232-Module Kopter
1x Connection Cable Wi.232 <-> Kopter
1x USB-Cable Wi.232 <-> PC

Datasheet of the radio module

Connection PC


The MK-Wi.232-USB will be connected via the USB-Cable with the PC.
Here you need to connect the Mini-USB plug of the USB-cable to the MK-Wi.232-USB and the USB plug into a free USB-port of your computer.


After connecting the MK-Wi.232-USB the blue LED will light on, the module will be automatically detected and the appropriate driver will be searched online and also installed.
This procedure can take a few minutes.

If the automatic driver installation of Windows fails you can also download the COM-port driver here (VirtualComport VCP) and install it manually: VCP-Driver

  • {i} Under Windows 7 a separated driver is usually not needed.

  • Is already an MK-USB installed, additional driver are not necessary.

In the device manager you can find the new COM-Port for your MK-Wi.232-USB. Here you can see also the COM-Port number which is later on needed in the KopterTool.

Connection MikroKopter


The supplied ribbon cable will be connected to the one side of the MK-Wi.232.
The other side will be connected either way to the FlightCtrl (EXT1) or using the GPS-System to the NaviCtrl (Debug).

The plug can be connected here to the MK-Wi.232 only in right and correct direction. Connecting it to the FlightCtrl or the NaviCtrl you need to make sure you have the correct connection.
The plug MUST show with the red side of the ribbon cable to the contact "1" of the pin-header.




Connection to MK-Wi.232 (Copter)

Connection to FlightCtrl

Connection to NaviCtrl

The connection to a Kopter may look in this way:


Connection to the KopterTool

If both Wi.232-Modules are connected you can start the KopterTool. Here now you need to set the COM-Port for the MK-Wi.232-USB (Infolink).
Now the connection between the Kopter and the KopterTool should be established automatically. If that is not the case you should close the KopterTool and start it again.

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