Step 13 - Motor, Propeller and Gyro Check

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Step 13 - Motor, Propeller and Gyro Check


  • Step12 has been read.

Last Check

Now the function of the FlightCtrl and of the engines should be checked.
If not already done you can remove the propellers now for the motor-test.
In that way you can check safely the direction of the rotation and also the function of the engines and without that the Kopter lifts off.


Here now you need to open under the virtual display the tab "Motortest".

The procedure is as follows:

  • "Motortest active" has to be activated.

  • "Address" = Choose motor you want to test.

  • Slider push slowly with the mouse upwards.

That can be done now for each motor.

If a motor is turning the wrong way it is actually enough to switch two of the three motor cables on the appropriate BL-Ctrl.

Here now the motor mumbers and direction of rotation'




Propeller assembly

On the Kopter left and right rotating propellers are used. Those ones have to be assembled correctly.

The propeller with its direction of rotation looks like in thast way:

Left-rotating propeller (TOP-side)

Right-rotating propeller (TOP-side)

After that describtion you can assemble the propeller back.


Where does the term "left-rotating propeller" come from?
In an airplane you usually sit behind the propeller and you are watching the back of the propeller. This one turns around left if you view it from behind. That means anticlockwise.
This propeller is called "left rotating propeller" . This direction is used for all current propeller.

We see the direction of rotation of the propellers on our Kopter from the TOP. We are looking on the TOP-side of the propeller.

  • A left rotating propeller rotates clockwise, seen from above.

  • A right rotating propeller rotates anticlockwise, seen from above.

Function of the Gyros

So that the Kopter can fly straight are Gyros assembled on the FlightCtrl Gyros for all three directions (X,Y,Z).
This function can be checked with the scope in the KopterTool.

You should:

  • Choose FlightCtrl

  • Choose analog datas (click) => AngleNick, AngleRoll, AccNick, AccRoll, GyroYaw

  • Click the START button (changes then into "PAUSE")

  • Move the Kopter in Nick, Roll and Yaw direction.

The scope should look like in that way:

Everything OK? Then it continues here: fr/Erstinbetriebnahme/Step14