My Name is Dammes Nienhuis and I was recently introduced to the mikrokopter phenomenon by WEP. I soon ordered most parts and at this moment I'm flying the ......OHOKOPTER (oho stands for Oranje Hof Oosterstraat, which is the alley next to my house where lots of projects start off :) )


At the moment the ohokopter looks like the picture below. I've teamed up with Wouter and Chris (wep800 and woody), they'd been at it for a while longer. We regularly meet for some flying and playing. Check out the videos at: my videos wep800's videos woody's videos

For now the ohokopter is equipped with fpv video, mm3 kompass module, bluetooth serial link to laptop, ixus cam gimbal, carbon full length rc receiver antenna and custom carbon landing gear.

on order are the new osd from range video US, a bunch of led lighting and lasers from Hong Kong, some lipos, also from Hong Kong and a 35MHz channel checker from the US. As all other enthusiastic MK builders I'm also anxiously waiting for H&I to make the navi board available for us mere mortals in the MK lower foodchain.

All info below the picture, still has to be updated so for now just check out the videos on vimeo. photo.jpg


custom airframe; light durable GPS and compass

  • camera('s)(perhaps stereoscopic, field sequential format)
  • wireless video link to video glasses
  • frame grabbing on laptop
  • telemetry, (bluetooth and/or via audio ch's)
  • wlan (flying webserver, hahahaha)

Technical specifications

  • Ohokopter V1.0 proto assy.



  • GE POWER pack 11.1V 20C 2200mAh 185 grams


  • Roxxy -34 motors


  • Pre built FC V1.2
  • BL-Ctrl V1.2
  • Bluetooth-Modul F2M03GXA + BT-Adapter 6 grams
  • ACT DSL-4top Typ: MK
  • Futaba FC28 V3.0 pcm/ppm transmitter with pll synth module
  • Cyberman GVD510A head mounted display


Peripheral electronics and tools

  • Robbe LiPoly equalizer

  • Swallow advance digital charger
  • Delta electronica EK 030-10 regulated power supply
  • Robbe reflex charger
  • Velleman digital personal scope
  • Fluke multimeter
  • Weller soldering station


  • standard 400mm mikrokopter frame

ordered and still awaiting

canon ixus 75

dsl-4top u/s

I had problems getting the radio setup to work. After some investigation I found the dsl-4top receiver te be u/s. Check the 2 video's from the scope.

video working futaba receiver:

video of defective act dsl-4top:


  • here's a video of ohokopter's maiden flight

  • indoor flight with mobile phone cam

  • first oudoor flight with mobile phone cam

photo3.jpg photo4.jpg photo5.jpg photo6.jpg photo7.jpg