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New Map

New Map

In the MikroKopter-OSD you can get with a "click" in the tab "WayPoints" on "Generator..." into the WayPoint-Generator.

Here you can choose the tab "New Map".

If you want to fly with your own WayPoints/POI or if you want to use the WayPoint Generator you need to have a map to place those WayPoints/POI.
But if you are on an airfield and you have neither a map of this area nor an Internet connection to copy those, the WayPoint-Flight is not possible.

In that case you can create an empty black map by yourself. This map can be self-determined in the size (width x height).
IMPORTANT: The orientation is here the same like on other maps - up is north!
In this self-made map you can enter, just as in other maps, "WayPoints" or "POI".

Description of the function:

New Map

Copy MK position

Copy the position given from the GPS-System on the Kopter

Center Latitude

1. Shows Latitude of "Copy MK Pos." / 2. Latitude can be set by yourself

Center Longitude

1. Shows Longitude of "Copy MK Pos." / 2. Longitude can be set by yourself

Height [m]

Height of the View on the map

Width [m]

Width of the created map

Create map

Creates a black map on the displayed map

Example 1 - Accept coordinates from the GPS-System of the Kopter

We are on the airfield and we do not have any map of this area. The area is approximately about 300x200mtr.
To determine that position the GPS-System of the Kopter can help us. If it has a Sat-Fix it shows us the position of the Kopter.

You can place i.e. the Kopter in the middle of that field.
The coordinates of the Kopter you can accept now with a "click" on the button "Copy MK Pos." into the generator.
Those data will be displayed under "Center Latitude" and "Center Longitude". Both values will be accepted as Centerpoints in the new map.

The difference to a map copied out of i.e. "Google Earth" is that you can enter here the desired map-width and map-height.
("Width [m]" / "Height [m]").

With a "click" on "Create Map" a new map will be generated.
As already mentioned are the coordinates the middle/center of the image. The edge-coordinates will be calculated automatically out of the Height x Width.

Example View:

  • {i} INFO
    You can display the coordinates of the left, right, upper and lower side with a "click" on File > GeoTag:

    (More information about GeoTag you can find here: GeoTag)

Example 2 - Specify coordinates by yourself

Alternatively you can determine the values for "Center Latitude" and "Center Longitude" over the GPS-System of the Kopter by yourself.
Those data you can get also i.e. via a GPS-capable cellphone. Here you need to make sure that you can enter the data for Width (Latitude) and Length (Longitude) only in "Decimal degree".

The values for Width and Length you can enter under "Center Latitude" and "Center Longitude".
The further steps are the same as described in "Example 1".

Size Examples

For that reason that a black map without a reference looks always in the same size here now a few examples with different settings.
For a better view a grid (2 circles) will be displayed on the maps. Circle 1 has a radius of 100mtr, circle 2 a radius of 250mtr.
(How to insert a grid is described here: DrawGrid)

Image Size:
Height=250mtr x Width=500mtr

Image Size:
Height=500mtr x Width=1000mtr

To enlarge click on the images

Image Size:
Height=1000mtr x Breite=1500mtr

Image Size:
Height=2000mtr x Breite=3000mtr

To enlarge click on the images