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Converting a Jamara Compa X4 Receiver for PPM Output

Location of the PPM signal

The PPM signal in this receiver is located under the chrystal. The PWM outputs are located on the bottom of the PCB and there is no space to run a wire from one side of the PCB to the other within the case.

Converting while retaining all 4 normal PWM outputs

In view of the above, I decided to go for a KISS solution: solder a 3-4cm long servo extension cable to the 5V, GND and PPM outputs on the PCB all of which are located on the same side as the Xtal. I then ran the extension out the back of the receivers under the Xtal and taped the connector to the side of the RX next to the normal 4 PWM outputs. This way it is very clear what the PPM output is for up to 8 channels (depending on your TX, and the receiver can also continue to be used in normal PWM mode for 4 channels.

Other modifications

One problem with the long RX antenna's is that these do not go well with the spinning props. So I took a 30cm plastic tube, wound the RX aerail around that in a spiral stepping 3-5mm per turn, and then put yellow heatshrink around it. /!\ ToDo: hier gibt es noch etwas zu tun (will post pictures later)

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