Was man für die Bildübertragung vom MikroKopter zum Boden benötigt und wie es angeschlossen wird, ist hier beschrieben: Video
What you need to see the live video from the MikroKopter on the ground is described here: Video

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MikroKopter - FollowMe and Wakeboard

Holger & LotharF: Here we are using the FollowMe and PointOfInterest transmitter and a MikroKopter to film a wakeboarder on a lake.
- Onboard camera: EOS 550D
- BAckground informations here:Point of Interest
Discussion in the Forum here


176341 Aufrufe  -  19.06.2011 Showreel 2011

Aerialtake: "The production of aerial images stands right at the beginning of a new era. Through the creation of unmanned aircrafts, the limits of the conventional systems are part of history from now on. Unmanned helis offer enormous advantages in dynamics, quality, time and costs."


12096 Aufrufe  -  30.05.2011  

MikroKopter - FlightSimulator

Realistic MikroKopter-models in a flight simulator - perfect for flight trainig
English subtitles here
More informations here: WIKI


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Dedicam: Showreel 2011 "The eight motors provide the flying phase with an enormous stability which enables incredible shots, even at little height. Actually all kinds of shots, even Indoor shootings are possible."


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MikroKopter: Point of interest

Holger: Here I show some features of the new software of the MikroKopter.
POI (Point of interrest) and altitude control for Waypoints.
We will release this software in April

Forum: English or German


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MikroKopter - QuadroKopter XL

Holger: This is the new XL-Quadrocopter.

It has payload of approx.1kg and a flight time of about 30minutes.


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Helifilm: Behind the Scenes

Jose Antonio Vela shows some aerial shooting clips with his Okto2 and how the effects were generated.

See his video collection on Vimeo


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FPV-Leif: The Summer Of 2010

FPV-Leif: This is my xmas gift to you guys!
And your xmas gift to me is: PLEASE PRESS "LIKE" and maby a coment :-)

Here the Video-collection of FPV-Leif


14099 Aufrufe  -  22.12.2010  

Hive Swimwear

Simon Jardine: This is a sneak preview of the Hive Swimwear shoot. Stay tuned for more highlights! The Hive Swimwear promo will be launching on Fashion TV in November 2010. Enjoy !! Music by Camille


23344 Aufrufe  -  15.10.2010  

HELIFILM reel 2010 from Jose Antonio Vela

Reel Helifilm 2010


173472 Aufrufe  -  13.10.2010  

Tierfotograf Benny Rebel: neue Perspektiven mittels MikroKopter

Hier wird die Arbeit des preisgekrönten Tierfotografen Benny Rebel präsentiert.
Beitrag im ZDF


174032 Aufrufe  -  26.09.2010  

MikroKopter - Wakeboarding

Holger: Wakeboard-lift "BlueBay"

Used was a MikroKopter Hexa-XL with a HighSight SLR camera mount
The camera was a Canon EOS550D (also called: Canon T2i)
An aerial Photo here: Photo

It was a strong wind on that day.


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MikroKopter - New function: CareFree

Short description of the new functions in the 0.80-Software.
Shown on a HexaKopter.
Description of the Firmware in the Wiki


50082 Aufrufe  -  29.07.2010  

Philly: Oktokopter im Esprit Stadion Düsseldorf für den WDR

Ein Fussballspiel aus der Luft gefilmt


9303 Aufrufe  -  27.07.2010  

Mark Willis: Aerial Photogrammetry with Hexakopter

Mark Willis used the MikroKopter Hexakopter as a tool for aerial mapping and photogrammetry of archaeological sites.
"In short, we placed Ground Control Points (GCPs) around a man-made ponding area at roughly ten meter intervals (40 x 30 m in total area). The GCPs were shot in with a deferentially-corrected GPS (0.1 m horizontal and 0.2m vertical resolution) and with a Total Data Station (0.03m vertical and horizontal resolution). We then flew the Hexakopter at 40m above the ground surface in an east-west grid pattern with a photograph being taken straight down every 10 m or so. The camera used was an off the self Canon A540."
More Information


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