Started half July 2007, MosaKopter was built in Maastricht-NL (hence: Mosa) using general MikroKopter-rules.

It was the first time for the pilot soldering SMD-components.

Finally after 2 months investing several hours, MosaKopter V1 had its succesfull maidenflight in the first week of september 2007. Here is a picture of the first MosaKopter:

  • kelder.jpg

This model served very well during 1,5 years and I had many entertaining flights. Until the unfortunate crash end of January 2009 due to a pilot error. From May 2009 onwards a new model was launched, using carbon fiber rods and a bigger motor<>motor distance of 54cm:

  • MKv2_640x480.jpg

Hardware MosaKopter V2

FlightController: original FlightCtrl v1.0 (green PCB) with AVR Atmel ATMEGA644 @20MHz

Default sensors: 3x Murata Gyros ENBC-03JA, 3-axis ACC sensor LIS3L02AS4

Extra sensors: Motorola height sensor MPX4115 and MK3Mag (magnetic orientation sensor)

Optional Bluetooth module (for in-field programming): F2M03GXA

Speedcontrollers: 4x BrushlessCtrl using standard 5A MOSFETs (10A peak)

Motors: Robbe ROXXY2824-34

Receiver: AcT Rx3Multi

Sender: Graupner MX12 (modell-type: plane, mode:2)

Props: EPP1045 (10" diameter with a pitch of 4,5") held down with Harald's propholders (M3 shaft)

Frame: 12mm carbon fiber rods with a 54cm motor2motor distance. The rods are held down with 2 homemade Center-Plates and extra glue in the joints.

Battery = LiPo 3s (11.1V) 2200 mAh / 30C (175 gr)

Total ready-to-fly weight = 720 grams (including above battery)

Flight-time = between 12 and 15 minutes, depending on the flight-style and load.

Hovering current = ~ 8 Amps.


I am currently flying these versions: FlightCtrl v0.80 / BrushlessCtrl v0.41 / NaviCtrl 0.20 / MK3Mag v0.23

  • 1: "Normal without GPS & HH (my favourite for manual fun flying)

  • 2: "Normal" with GPS & Heighthold

  • 3: "Beginner" with GPS & Height-Hold and Orientation-Hold (my favourite for taking pictures... stable, and slow on yaw and nick/roll)

  • 4: "Beginner" without GPS & HH

  • 5: not in use



The next picture was made with MosaKopter V1 carrying a Nokia N95 onboard using sequence mode with 10 sec interval:

  • airshot2.jpg

Here is an airshot from june-2008. Also made with a Nokia N95 onboard MosaKopter V1:

As a comparison, same picture but this time shot in May 2009 with a Casio Exilim EX-S600 onboard MosaKopter V2:


MosaKopter V1 in action while carrying a bottle of Champagne during Meeting in Koeln at 1-3-2008: (c) Andreas Schrell

  • sekt.jpg


See several videos of the MosaKopter here:

Latest news:

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Harrie Gulikers

Email: <hgulikers AT me DOT com>

Location: The Netherlands - Maastricht