Ten eerste mijn grote dank aan degene die mijn site zonder toestemming of mededeling heeft ingekort.. ben ik zeer content mee.. Vooral voor het verwijderen van enkele foto's.

To start with, I am very thankfull to the one who shortened my site without permission or message.. I am so pleased... Especially for deleting some pictures.


DutchCopter I


So 21 Juni 2008 I decided to build one myself. To minimize the impact on my banksaldo I try to do this in steps.

First I ordered the frame, motors and the Flight board. When assembling I try to go for the nice look and a compact setup. So as less as possible wires visible. They go inside the frame. The BL boards neat and tidy aside of the Flight board somehow.

I am planning for nice LED-lightning, camera-features with live connection to earth (no, NASA will have nothing to do with it.. Unless they'd like to ;-) ) and GPS features.

But first the BL boards and an landing gear to construct.

Tecnical Specifications

Graupner C16 8-channel transmitter

Graupner C17 8-channel receiver


Robbe Roxxy 2824-34


Flightboard 1.2


Standard Alu. Metallic blue!


It all started with nothing but gasses. Then after a big bang, some materials started to exist in the most strange shapes. They got bigger and bigger. And by some kind of miracle, they began to move and develop more and more intelligence. That's the way this creation started to rise. At least I like to think so. :D


The receiver is exactly as big as the Flightboard. Coincidence? Who knows.. I plan to place the receiver as you can see below, to create a compact machine. To do this, the elcos and a transistor needed to move to the other side of the board. Also the leds need to move to the side of the board, otherwise you can't see them anymore...


So, and from here I can start all over, thanks.

As you can't see because the photos are all gone, I put the Ctrl's horizontal, mounted on an screw-extender, on a bould of the frame (a photo would explain it all better). On top of the Flightboard and the receiver, a top-plate to fix the receiver. In future, the Navi-board will to this job.